Drainage Contractors in Dartford

Dartford is one of many Kent towns

That benefits from having one of the county’s leading drainage firms practically on its doorstep. Since 2015 we have been providing domestic and commercial drainage solutions to homes and businesses throughout Dartford and the surrounding area. From routine inspection and planned cleaning to emergency drainage repairs, our skilled team of experienced drainage contractors is there for you when you need us most.

Drainage Repairs

Damage to any drainage system needs to be fixed as soon as possible before the situation is made worse. Here at Clubb Cannon Drainage Ltd, we perform an extensive range of domestic and commercial drain repairs for our customers in Dartford, covering everything from localised patch repair to structural lining.

CCTV Drain Inspections

CCTV drain surveys are a non-intrusive method of determining the condition of your drainage system. Hi resolution cameras are fed into the drains, allowing us to identify signs of damage or deterioration and pinpoint the problem. We perform both commercial and domestic drain inspections for our clients.

Drain Unblocking in Dartford

Blocked drains are one of the most common problems we encounter among our Dartford customers and they can cause serious problems. This includes sinks, toilets, and other appliances backing up and flooding your property. For all your blocked drains, hire our team of drain clearing experts today.

Drainage Specialists

We are experts in all manner of drainage systems, offering a full selection of drainage services to our clients in and around Dartford. Whether you need us to design and install a new drainage system for a house extension, replace an existing drain network at your property, or anything else, we are here to help.

Drainage Cleaning

By their very nature, drains can become filthy over time as they transport waste water from your domestic or commercial property into the sewer system. We offer a full office or home drain cleaning service, removing any built-up sludge, grease, or grime from inside and outside your system of drain pipes.

Emergency Drainage in Dartford

When your drains fail, it rarely happens at a convenient time. Whether you’re dealing with a blocked loo, blocked sink, blocked shower, or blocked toilet, you need a team of experts on the scene whenever it occurs. The same is true of slow draining bathtubs, slow draining sinks, and slow draining showers – call your local drainage experts 24 hours a day.

Why Choose Clubb Cannon Drainage?

There are plenty of reasons to choose us as your local drainage experts in and around Dartford.
With decades of experience between us, we have the skills, tools, and expertise to tackle any problem you might be having with your drainage.
All our work is conducted to the highest possible standards and comes fully insured and guaranteed as standard.

Drainage Specialists Near You

From our office in Bromley, we are a little over 11 miles from our valued Dartford customers. We have made the journey many times, providing essential drainage services to domestic and commercial clients throughout the town and surrounding area. Whatever your particular drainage needs, you can expect a prompt and punctual arrival from our experienced team of specialists.